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Real Athlete Diets

Delicious, performance oriented food for active people

Real Athlete Diets (RAD) offers tasty performance oriented meals for athletes and active people.  RAD delivers these tasty meals Mondays and Thursdays to ensure you get the freshest meal we can make.  We deliver meals in the Boulder, Colorado area. RAD specializes individual meals, catering , and athlete camps.

Questions Asked Frequently.

I want some food!  How does this work?

Just go to our website and create an account. You can order anything we make for delivery on Mondays and Thursdays.  Deadline for ordering is 2 days in advance (i.e. deadline for Thursday delivery is EOD Tuesday of that week).  Currently we deliver to businesses and our pickup location partner,  Boulder Running Company for free,.  We also offer home delivery for a $5.00 fee.  Our goal is to deliver everything we can by noon on delivery days.

Where do you deliver? 

Currently we deliver in the City of Boulder area.  Delivery to businesses and our pickup locations are free (i.e. included in the cost of the meal) and home delivery is $5 per delivery.  If you have questions or have a business location that you would like to see us deliver to just shoot us an email.

Do you deliver to homes?

We do!  We will try to keep this in the "by noon" timeline as well. We will need to either deliver to a person or need to leave in a cooler at the delivery location.  If we cannot do either we will not leave it as the meals are perishable and might attract animals.  It is Boulder after all. Cost is $5 per delivery (i.e. $5 for a Monday delivery no matter how many items) so we suggest stocking up and ordering several items at that point. 

Can I pick up RAD meals anywhere?

So exciting!  We have partnered with the Fleet Feet Boulder as a pick-up location!  They are a great full service running store that is pumped about having RAD.    To choose this as your pick-up location choose Fleet Feet Boulder Pick Up as your shipping method at checkout.

What kind of nutritional guidelines do you follow for your meals?

Our meals have approximately 350-450 calories, 25-30 grams of protein, and other ingredients that have properties like anti-inflammatories, healthy fats, etc.  Please feel free to reach out via email for any questions you may have:

How do you calculate portion size?

We used a highly scientific process involving many Boulder athletes and dinners to find a roughly-right size.    Actually we try to hit that caloric goal (as stated above)  along with a goal weight per meal (obviously changes from a leafy salad to a soup) to make sure our customers don't walk away hungry.  Like any portion, it will be a little too much for some as we try to err on the side of being full rather than hungry.

Are your meals right for me to lose weight?

If you are trying to lose weight and want to use RAD as a part of this process you might need to consider turning our meals into smaller portions - perhaps a half for a lunch. Everyone has his/her own plan for a daily diet that works. Please reach out for any questions. There are oodles of plans out there and ten ways to eat __________ fill in the blank. We provide delicious clean food for active people. We do not try to fit into the most popular diet of the month.  If you count macros, you need to count your own macros. If you are paleo, you need to look at the list of ingredients on each of our items before ordering. In a nut shell...we all are responsible for the dietary restrictions we fly the flag for.  Capisce? Capisce.

Can you customize any of the menu items for my particular dietary needs?

Our mission is fueling athletes.  However, many of our meals are vegetarian or vegan, nut free, gluten free, dairy free etc. and we are sure there is something great we can make for you. Each item on our menu is labeled with the restrictions it falls into. We use a certified GF kitchen and work with many clients who fall into celiac, vegan, nut allergies, dairy free restrictions. We've heard it all. If you have any questions, please reach out. Chances are, what you feel is difficult to the norm for us. We've got your back!

Can you make my favorite...

Hmm - maybe?  We are always open to feedback and requests.  We have to see if it aligns with the goals of our food and business but please let us know what you think and it never hurts to ask.

Do you cater?

We sure do!  If you are interested in a business meal, party, or activity go ahead and let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know of the seasonal menu options. Every event we do is tailored to each client. We do NOT have a set menu of available options as we work seasonally with local farms to source our product.

Do I need to cook or unfreeze my RAD meals?

Your meals come fresh and ready to eat on each delivery day.   They are never frozen (except our hand made burritos) and you can enjoy them as is with a few that are best when heated.  Many of our meals are made to be served without warming. Our food is fresh. We do not recommend hanging on to a salad for days after delivery and then eating it.  We are not delivering frozen food in plastic containers that lasts for weeks. Our soups, ragouts, etc. can all be frozen once you receive them if you wish to do so.